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Tip on Choosing the Right Moving Company for your Relocation

How to Hire a Moving Company

Choosing a moving company is one of the most daunting aspects of the move. You want professionals who will transport your possessions safely while offering you a fair deal. Unfortunately, this industry is riddled with scammers and professionals that charge more than they should. You can avoid this by using a little bit of caution and research.Here are some suggestions that can help.

  • Ask Around- A word-of-mouth recommendation is almost always reliable. People generally won’t recommend businesses they’ve had bad experiences with. You can ask your friends, colleagues, and neighbors if they know any good movers in the area.

That would help you get started on your search for good moving companies.You shouldlist down the names and highlight businesses that were recommended more than once. At E-z Movers, Inc, we are long distance movers thatwould suggest that you do your own research before you hire any company from that list.

  • Research –Once you have a list of movers, you should look into the companies. You can check reviews on websites like Google+, Yelp, etc. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau website and check if there are any complaints against the movers on your list. Once you’ve eliminated businesses that seem unreliable, visit their website and browse through the content thoroughly. That would help you get an idea whether that particular mover is right for you.
  • Contact Moving Companies- Once you’ve narrowed down your list to about 3 or 4 companies, call them personally and ask for an in-house estimate. Most people are content with online estimates and end up surprised by the bill. With an in-house estimate, the moving company will examine your home and possessions and know the scale of the move.

They can give you a more accurate estimate. You should also ask if they can give you a binding or not-to-exceed estimate. That would set a maximum cap on the amount you have to pay and help you avoid unexpectedly high bills.

  • Compare Estimates-After you have a final estimate from every company on your list, you can start comparing. You should pay particular attention to the inclusions and exclusions mentioned on the estimate. Sometimes, moving companies will quote a low price but exclude several essential services.

Once you’ve chosen a company, all you need to do is agree to the terms and schedule the move. We do recommend that you insure your possessions to avoid trouble and expenses in the event of an accident or loss.

If you have any questions about long distance moving or need to hire interstate movers, EZ Movers is a Chicago moving company that would love to help you out. Check out for more information.

How a Moving Experts Move?


Just how does a relocating expert step? Similar to everyone else, surrounded by to-do lists, heaps of boxes, which sweet sense of fond memories as humdrum regimens obtain done for the last couple of times.

I’m moving this weekend to a town concerning 2 hours away and assumed I ‘d discuss a few of the DO’s and DO N’Ts of my personal moving routine:

I DO plan as far ahead of time as possible. For this step, I had simply over a month between making the decision to move and my relocating day.

I DO N’T work with expert movers. I normally live in studio apartments and also houses and favor to pack myself as well as get friends in order to help with loading and also driving a rental truck.

I DO like to leave boxes sitting open for as long as possible so I could organize ‘like’ items together as I discover them in different components of your house.

I DO make use of paper towels as cushioning around and also between plates, cooking area meals, as well as other delicate things since they are affordable and also clean, and could be repurposed for cleaning down surface areas in the new house.

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I DO N’T color coordinate or use a fancy box-labeling system. I pack like products together as long as feasible and also label boxes with their basic components making use of a black marker.

I DO N’T prefer to pack every little thing in boxes. I usually place some blankets, cushions as well as clothes in standard black garbage bags with tie-on labels. Bags are very easy to bring, adaptable in shapes and size (maximizing minimal vehicle room), and can act as extra padding in transit in between delicate things that may massage or scratch versus each other.

Picking a relocating firm is a big decision. You want a team that you can rely on. Amongst the vast option of professional moving companies has to offer is one of the Chicago moving services-Devon Moving Company,  is the right choice to make your moving a very easy one!